When, about a year ago, some Friends encouraged me to collect the tributes and the statements 

of esteem and of friendship coming from several worldwide Colleagues in a book dedicated to
Desiderio, I never would have thought that I would have to apply myself to a task so surely
demanding, but of such satisfaction and personal growth.
All the Friends to whom I presented this project replied with great enthusiasm, exceeding my
expectations. They sent me works not only of high scientific level, and I had no doubt about this,
but also rich in tributes of kindness and affection; this made me realize that the relationships
established among us go beyond the formal working collaboration.
And this is surely the best prize for the effort made by Desiderio and myself from when, in the
by now distant 1986, we began to meet and to make a name for ourselves in the international
scientific community.
Regarding my personal growth, my closed and reserved character, but believe me neither
cold nor distant, is enriched with new friends, with whom I shared feelings, affections, worries
and problems, overcoming linguistic difficulties, political boundaries, religious and traditions
Every colleague and his/her family confirmed to me that a complete realization of personal
aspirations is allowed only by a sincere homely collaboration.
With the aim of informing all the Friends I was unable to contact about this initiative, I
gathered photos of us together in a photo gallery. I hope that this gallery might remind them, as it
does me, countless pleasant moments we spent together.
I would like to thank each of you and our friend Michael Popp for his great contribution from
the bottom of my heart.
This book is for Desiderio with my love as ever.