matubaProf. Kikeba Miezi Donkaditu Filipe Matuba was born in Angola.

Medical Diploma from National University of Zaire (actually Democratic Rep.of Congo) in Kinshasa, 1977.
General Practician at Evangelical Medical Instiute at Kimpese (RDC), 1977-1978.
Medical Director of Province of Huila (South of Angola), 1979-1985.
ENT Residency at the Hospital Santa Maria (Professor Mário Andrea), 1986-1990.

Otorhinolaryngologist from Hospital Santa Maria/Faculty of Medicine of University of Lisbon, 1990.
Co-founder and member of Excutive Committee of PAFOS (Pan-African Federation of Otorhinolaryngological Society), 1992.
President of PAFOS, 2003-2007.

Head of ENT Department at Hospital Josina Machel in Luanda (Ministry of Health), since 1990.
Professor Auxiliar and Head of ENT at Faculty of Medicine/Agostinho Neto University, since 1993.
Director of Scientific and Pedagogical Department at Hospital Josina Machel, since 2000.
President of Collegium of ENT Speciality of Medical National Council of Angola, since 2011.
Coordinator of Medicine Course of University Jean Piaget at Hospital Josina Machel, since