shukuryanYerevan, Republic of Armenia
Date of birth: May 03, 1956
Marital Status: Married, 2 children

1973-1979: Yerevan State Medical University (formerly Institute), Honors Diploma
1979-1981: Clinical Residentship, Specialization - Otorhinolaringology -Certificate
1981-1984: Aspirantura -  Defense of Candidate dissertation
First State Medical Institute, Moscow, Candidate of Medical Sciences (Ph.D.)
2000: Doctor of Medical Science

2009: ENT clinic Kiel,Germany
2003-2006: ENT clinic, UCLA, L – A, USA
2007: ENT clinic Hannover,Germany
2002-2003 ENT clinic, Paris, France
2004 ENT: clinic Gottingen,Germany
Januar-Februar 2001: Cornell University, NY, USA
October 27-31, 1999: Cornell-Seminar, Saltsburg, Austria
From 1997 to 1999 (periodically):   ENT clinic, Paris, France
November-Decembre 1997: ENT clinic, Munich, Germany
November 1993-December 1993: House Ear Institute, USA
June 1992-September 1992 :  ENT clinic, Paris, France
February 1990-November 1990: ENT clinic, Munich, Germany
Professional experience:
2001 to present: Professor, Chief of Otorinolaringology Department,Yerevan State Medical University
1996-2002: Vice-Rector of International Relations, Yerevan State Medical University
1992 to present: Head of Department of Otorinolaringology, “Erebuni" Medical Center, Yerevan
Junior, Senior Scientific Collaborator, Assistant Professor
Chair of Otorinolaringology,Yerevan State Medical Institute (YSMI)
1981-1984: Postgraduate in Otorinolaringology, First State Medical Institute, Moscow
1979-1981: Clinical Ordinator, Chair of Otorinolaringology, First State Medical Institute, Moscow

Research interests:
Ear diseases, surgeal correction of hearing, audiometry, conductive and sensoneural deafness, cochlear implantation, plastic surgery, endolaryngeal interventions.

Publications: 98 publications

President of Armenian ORL Society
Member of Pediatric ORL Society