sarandesesHe is Jefe de Sección in the O.R.L. Department at the University Hospital of La Coruña (Spain). He is also a professor of O.R.L. at the University of La Coruña.

He graduated in Medicine from Santiago University in 1975.

His training as a resident in O.R.L. in the University Hospital of La Coruña (previously known as Juan Canalejo Hospital) lasted from 1975 to 1979, when he got a post as Doctor Adjunto of O.R.L. in the same hospital.

He got his M.D. degree (Nasal septal perforation) from the University of Santiago in 1990 and in 1992 he got a post as Jefe de Sección at the same O.R.L. Department  in the University Hospital of La Coruña.

He was Vice-president of the National Conference of the Spanish Society of O.R.L. held in La Coruña in 2002. This same year he coordinated the works –which included several written by himself–  that were published together by the Spanish O.R.L. Society as the book titled “Cirugía funcional y estética de la nariz”.

In 2003 he became a Professor of O.R.L. at the University of La Coruña , after working as Associate Professor for several years. This same year he was awarded the Silver Medal by the O.R.L. Spanish Society.

He wrote the book “Rinología. Fisiopatología. Técnicas de exploración”, which was published in 2006.

He has been Chairman of the Rhinology and Alergy comittee of the Spanish Society since 2006.

He has mostly devoted himself to the research of rhinopathologies and to the surgery needed to treat them and he has published many articles about his research in medical journals and as part of O.R.L. publications.

Both as an O.R.L. doctor and as a University Professor, he has tutored M.D. degree students and he has directed research projects.

For many years he has been teaching procedures in Functional and Aesthetic Nasal Surgery at O.R.L. conferences in many countries, where has been invited by the national societies of O.R.L.